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Saving Grains is an upcycling micro kitchen in Bangalore, India. Currently we're working with selected craft breweries to make some spent grain flour.


We're calling this flour a "Good Flour". Here's why:


Saving Grains, Good Flour, is low in gluten, keto friendly, high in fibre and protein and great to cook with. It has a malty flavour and bakes with a delicious tender crumb. It works as a wonderful combination and part replacement flour for a chapati, cake, cookie or bread recipe!


You can usually replace up to 30% of whole wheat or maida with this Good Flour in most recipes. (But watch out on the hydration!)


While we're building our own recipe log, take a look at some a few spaces here that have some great ones:


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Good Flour - 500 gms

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  • The best way to store the Good Flour, is to transfer it into an airtight container.

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