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Good Chapati

Prep Time:

30 mins

Cook Time:

20 mins


12 Chapati's (40 gms each)


Anyone Can Cook!

About the Recipe

Good Chapati's packing both flavour and fibre in our daily bread

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Saving Grains Good Atta - 275 gms

Water - 200 ml

Salt - a pinch


  • Knead all ingredients till it forms a smooth dough.

  • Leave dough to rest at room temp for <60 mins

  • Cut and divide up dough in 40 gms balls

  • Press and roll out into the roundest chapati's you can make! :)

  • Cook on a hot tawa - if you're feeling indulgent add on a smidge of ghee. 

*If you aren't too keen on making chapati's the Kutumba Kitchen in Kothanur, Bangalore makes "Good Chapati's" everyday. Contact us for more details.

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