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A Delicious Twist on Tradition

In a world where sustainability is the buzzword of the hour, food waste often takes the centre stage. Imagine this - that inviting, malty aroma that fills the air during a brewery tour, those grains that play a vital role in crafting your favourite brew, they've got a journey of their own after they've served their brewing purpose.

Globally, it's become a trend to transform those spent grains into various goodies - granola, brownies, cookies. But here in Bangalore, with nearly 60 microbreweries that could produce around 12000kgs of brewers spent grain per day, we asked ourselves, how do we make this “non-traditional & sustainable” food source our own.


We've taken the road less travelled, forging a path to turn brewers' spent grain (BSG) into delightful laddoos. And let me tell you, these aren't your everyday laddoos; they're a blend of tradition and sustainability.

Brewers Spent Grain is the by-product of beer brewing process.

While the usual nomenclature is “spent” grain, in reality the grain is considered a rich source of fiber, protein, and phenolic compounds. Research studies and investigation into products that are being made from this grain across the world show that although the grain is “spent” of a lot of its starch and sugars, it still has good protein and fibre content and is potentially a great food for humans and pets and has great value as a material that can stay in use!

The spent grain we’ve sourced and tested here in Bangalore, has about 23% protein and 46% dietary fibre. It also has less than 0.1% gluten. This makes it favourable for senior citizens, diabetics and those with digestive issues.

And what we love best about the grain is its flavour. Adding it to bread, chapati, cookies - surprises the eater with great malty and earthy flavours - thanks to the malted barley based and the mashing process.

But why laddoos, you ask? Well, why not? They encapsulate the heart of culture – a symbol of love and celebration. And what better way to celebrate than by upcycling a product that makes up a whopping 85% of brewing waste? That's right, BSG has been hiding in plain sight as a sustainable powerhouse.

So what does it taste like? “Just like homemade laddoo’s” - we blend the brewers spent grain with our favourite ingredients like besan, rava, coconut, ginger to get the right balance.

But it's not just about the taste. It's about the bigger picture. Food waste contributes to a staggering 15% of global carbon emissions, and BSG is a significant contributor to this issue. By upcycling BSG into laddoos, we're taking a huge step in reducing food waste and its environmental impact. We're turning a traditionally non-traditional food source into a sustainable urban food system in Bangalore.

In the process, we're not just making laddoos; we're making a statement. We're declaring our commitment to a greener, more sustainable world. We're encouraging you to indulge in tradition and sustainability, one laddoo at a time.

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