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How do I use the "Good Flour"?

Saving Grains is an upcycling micro kitchen in Bangalore, India. Currently we're working with selected craft breweries to make some spent grain flour.

We're calling this flour a "Good Flour". Here's why: Saving Grains, Good Flour, is low in gluten, keto friendly, high in fibre and protein and great to cook with. It has a malty flavour and bakes with a delicious tender crumb. It works as a wonderful combination and part replacement flour for a chapati, cake, cookie or bread recipe!

You can usually replace up to 30% of whole wheat or maida with this Good Flour in most recipes.

Here are a few things you should know about our "Good Flour":

1. High fibre means more hydration

Because this flour has around 46% fibre it requires more hydration. For Ex. If you are making bread, we recommend blending around 30% of this flour with a regular whole wheat flour / all purpose flour and increasing the water or liquid in the dough by at least 50%.

2. <0.1% Gluten:

Because of low gluten content, this flour will not have the stretch or rise that regular flour has. Expect a denser crumb, and enjoy the flavour!

3. Give me a recipe!

At Saving Grains, we are still building our recipe collection but here are some great spaces to look for inspiration:

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or simply are confused about how to use the flour and need a recipe, don't hesitate to reach out! ( I love working with our spent grain "Good Flour" and hope you do too.

Thank you for Saving Grains with us!

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